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2015.11.22 @Cafe Apres Midi

Jazz It Up at Cafe Apres Midi Playlist (順不同)

  1. slowly surely/jill scott(theo parrish remix)
  2. paepulsariki /recloose feat.jonathan crayford
  3. my way home/obas nenor
  4. unconditional eyes/amp fiddler
  5. twinotters/nacho patroil
  6. prince pf peace feat.joker and jimmy rage
  7. dirty rhodes/theo parrish
  8. complexion/kendrick lamar
  9. spend the night/french touch
  10. mini culcha(beautiful swimmers remix)/mo colors
  11. may december/mos def
  12. the rhythm changes /kamasi washigton
  13. footprints(remix feat.ceelo g)/a.t.c.q